Software as a Service (SaaS) is taking over the enterprise IT world. The benefits are just too compelling to pass on: lower costs, added flexibility and agility, increased speed of business, and so on.

But there is work to be done in order to successfully implement SaaS and get you the benefits you are looking for. Integrating it with on-premises and other cloud assets, adopting the software to match your desired processes, migrating data from other systems to SaaS, remediating software performance challenges, assuring quality of the application through rigorous testing, to name a few.

Then there are the experts needed to make it happen: Which is where Stratitude comes in.

With dedicated practices around most leading SaaS offerings, you can count on us for the expertise to align your SaaS system with your goals and expectations.

SaaS is all we do. No more. No less.

Unlike many other system integrators, we don’t do anything and everything in enterprise IT. Our goal is to help you turbocharge your SaaS software so that it provides a robust platform for your business growth.

To recap, here are some of the reasons why you should talk to us:

  • 100% SaaS focus: Expect from us compelling insight that leads to guaranteed outcomes.
  • Partnerships with industry leaders: Count on us for deep product knowledge backed by a direct communication channel with the vendors.
  • Vendor agnostic approach: Acquire a partner that works with you, always looking out for your interests, not that of the vendor’s.
  • Over 200 SaaS Engagements: We have been there many times before, ensuring productive and efficient efforts.
  • Over 300 person years of cumulative SaaS experience: Access certified professionals whose world revolves around SaaS, people you can lean on to get the job done.
  • Rich IP in the form of tools and frameworks: Hit the ground running with our accelerators and templates that anchor the efforts with best practices and pre-built components.
  • Passion and commitment to succeed: Rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to get you the results you are targeting.

Core Values:

As a dedicated team of SaaS professionals, we are governed by our guiding principles of work ethics. This forms the cultural fabric of our Organization. These principles ensure that we deliver our services in a sustained manner. To earn and maintain TRUST, we provide VALUE to all Stakeholders with high level of INTEGRITY.


Our Value creation activities are managed and delivered by our COE (Center Of Excellence). The COE is the nodal center responsible for all Customer engagements and deliverables. Run by experienced SaaS architects, our COE is responsible for our IP Accelerators, Assets, Frameworks, Methodologies and Knowledge Management.