Unique Implementations for your Unique Business

To stand out in your industry it is essential that you look beyond cookie-cutter applications and utilize the power of customization. To achieve this end, we offer high-level customization services so you can use Salesforce applications in a way that best suits your business.

Why Stratitude

Our customization experts are dedicated to complementing your unique business processes. We ensure that your CRM system is geared towards fulfilling your special requirements, enhancing the end-user experience and your productivity.

What We Offer

Our customizations are easy to implement, cost-effective, and simple to upgrade. We focus on making things uncomplicated for our clients and offer two main ways of customization:

Simple point-and-click configuration to:

We offer all levels of customization through coding. In addition to using the most common programming languages, our developers use Apex, which is a native force.com programming language. The combination of Apex and Force.com has a host of benefits such as:

  • Point-and-Click Configuration
    • Design customized user interfaces
    • Change data model structure
    • Modify application's business logic
  • Customization through Code
    • Familiar Syntax: Syntax similar to Java and C# programming languages
    • Database Integration: Create, persist, and update database objects, maintain query database, iterate over results and provide database triggers
    • An Eclipse-based IDE: Create, modify, test and deploy Force.com applications
    • Web Services Support: External support is easily available
    • Asynchronous operations: More flexible development of custom business logic and enhancing response times