The Challenge

Our small business relied on outsourcing support functions to offshore organizations to concentrate better on our core business activities. But over time we had faced certain risks with offshore outsourcing that are of growing concern. Here are a few problems we faced when dealing with an external offshore partner for back-office operations.

  • When we outsourced offshore, we feared that our business knowledge might be too unsecure in the hands of the external party. Most of the time, this business knowledge also might be our competitive advantage. This constant fear put us under stress of violating any company practices.
  • Although offshore outsourcing companies are experienced in what they do, we feared they might fail to deliver. Although lower cost appeals to us, but we cannot compromise on the value we receive any cost. Since offshore services are located in different time zones, we sometimes faced problems of real time communication. This also resulted in slow-down of projects which affected our firm’s productivity. We realized there were many hidden costs involved with offshore outsourcing such as offshore project management, process integration, dispute resolutions, travel, legal, and more. It is not only the project cost that had to be paid. We sometimes faced issues of losing control over the project because of communication issues, cultural differences and external party overlooking some factors.
  • Sometime, the offshore parties were unable to understand our work philosophy and corporate culture. This lead to misunderstandings that hindered smooth functioning of outsourced project.

The Solution

We came across Stratitude’s Domestic Outsourcing service, which provided us with significant cost savings associated with offshore setups and at the same time condensed all the attached risks. We were quite pleased at how our widespread operations were integrated and how the IT solutions were delivered to us at a much reduced time.

We were surprised at how Stratitude’s Domestic Outsourcing model covered major services such as SalesForce Integration, MS SharePoint Collaboration, and Testing and Quality Assurance.

How Our Business Benefited From Stratitude’s Domestic Outsourcing?

  • Apart from the significant cost savings, we are able to capitalize on the geographical proximity offered by Stratitude’s domestic outsourcing. We are able to ensure close coordination between the development, testing teams and thebusiness implementation teams.
  • Since the projects are handled onshore, we do not have to interact with the external partner as much as we used with an offshore partner. This is because there are reduced communication gaps, cultural differences and time zone variations which once hindered real time communication. Moreover, our management is now better able to focus on core pressing matters.
  • With this domestic outsourcing service, our management can keep a close eye on all the project phases, thereby ensuring timely and quality completion. It is now better manageable since we do not have to wait for feedback from another country across the seas.