For a client Salesforce Implementation is the first step of a long Journey. Once Implementation is done, then the question is whether the Salesforce application delivers the results that the organization envisioned earlier? We found that many organizations often answered “No”. Since every Implementation is different the challenges are unique as well.

We help our customers to increase the value of salesforce implementation thru our HealthCheck service offering. With Stratitude’s proven tools and process we analyze the Salesforce implementation for

  • Data quality
  • Data Completion
  • Adoption rate
  • Usage Statistics

We conduct User Surveys to understand how the users are using the Salesforce to manage their daily process. The survey helps us to identify process which can be improved by salesforce and user adoption issues.

We analyze the various inputs and identify the gaps between the business process and process supported by sales process. Based on the analysis we provide optimization plan to the management team. The plan will include actions like

  • Enabling default functionalities in Salesforce like chatter.
  • End user training
  • Simple configuration changes
  • Data analysis / Clean up
  • Adding App Exchange Product
  • Integration with other systems
  • Define new KPI’s and build Dashboards and reports.
  • Fixing existing defects are issues.

We work with management team closely highlighting our findings and formulating feature backlog that can be developed and delivered iteratively to business.

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