Integration is Control

As Salesforce CRM and experience exponential growth, there is an increasing data fragmentation in the cloud. Comprehensive data synchronization is necessary if you want your organization to leverage the benefits of Salesforce CRM and solutions as efficiently and profitably as possible.

In order to maintain control over your data assets, seamless integration is required between "cloud data," on-premise assets, and any cloud-based applications in use. Only a robust and flexible cloud data integration solution can deliver this control, which contributes to operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation.

Why Stratitude?

Experience – Stratitude has extensive experience in providing cloud integration services for clients from diverse industries, giving us profound insights into the dynamics of successful cloud integration strategies and solutions.

Approach – We take a comprehensive integration approach, creating the best integrating strategy, overseeing a careful implementation and providing reliable post-implementation support.

Cost-Effectiveness – Stratitude's experience, expertise, and smart approach help us offer our solutions at very competitive price points.

What We Offer

  • Cloud Data Integration Solution

    We provide a comprehensive cloud data integration solution that is simple to implement and manage without complex IT support. The key elements of our solutions are:

    • Integration Assessment and Strategy: By evaluating your existing integration setting, we determine the best integration architecture for replacing the current one.
    • Integration Development: Aimed at cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground integrations, the development includes Integration templates, Error handling, and Integration testing
    • Cloud Integration Management: Continued management including custom integration, improvements and sustained engineering services.
  • Informatica Cloud Integration Services

    Informatica is a pioneer data integration tool that can integrate Salesforce CRM data with a variety of on-premise systems and databases. Our comprehensive cloud data integration services around Informatica include:

    • Informatica Data Loader: Automate the loading and extraction of data between Salesforce CRM, flat files, and relational databases.
    • Data Synchronization: Data loading and extraction capabilities. Automate simple to complex integrations between various cloud and on-premise systems.
    • Data Replication: Replication or archiving of data from Salesforce CRM or an on-premise database to csv files, databases, or Google spreadsheets.
    • Data Profiling: Measure and monitor data quality in key Salesforce CRM objects such as Lead, Opportunity, Contact, and Account.
  • SOA Integration

    By supporting Web services APIs, our cloud integration solutions enable perfect Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integration. This enables:

    • Wide ESB and Message Queue connectivity
    • Incremental development
    • High level composite data services
    • Rapid development time