Salesforce Chatter

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Chatter is the enterprise social network that allows teams to sync up and take action, and powers Communities to connect like never before. Implementing Chatter successfully is key to achieving a high user adoption rate, and a high user adoption rate will help maximize ROI with your Salesforce investment. Chatter brings value to your ‘Social CRM’ strategy by leveraging the knowledge of your entire company, and fostering increased transparency, communication and collaboration.

Here at Stratitude we love using Chatter. It’s the easily the most-used tool that use to communicate internally and externally. We incentivized Chatter, encouraged contribution, formalized the channel as a method of business communication. We believe in showcasing our company’s own great Chatter experience is the perfect way to educate our customers and build momentum and excitement. Chatter is a place, where all of your business can exist in one collaborative place, and have all of those important discussions searchable by topic and can be archived for future reference.

"Employees spend 36% of their time “trying to contact customers, partners or colleagues; find information, or schedule a meeting” (Source: Inc.) - 14% percent of an employee’s average day is spent: “duplicating information (forwarding emails or phone calls to confirm if fax/e-mail/text message was received) and managing unwanted communications, such as spam or unsolicited phone calls” (Source: Inc.) - Chatter has the potential to reduce organizational emails by 32% (Source: Salesforce) -These statistics are certainly indicative of a wider lack of productivity from follow ups, back and forthemailing, and searching for information/resources. Start a community invite your colleagues, and start using the tool to get more done. Make cutting down on emails a mission for the company. Discover how social drives business with Chatter at the core of the new Salesforce1 Mobile App.

Let us show you the intricacies of community building..

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