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Community Cloud

Community Cloud

For the first time, companies can now create their own trusted, LinkedIn-like communities that are connected to their business processes to engage customers, partners and employees in a whole new way. Salesforce offers open APIs and ways to connect to third-party products, providing the same business process advantages of communicating across programs, even when all of those programs might not be part of the Salesforce family. Community connects you directly to customers, partners and employees other partners with the power of social collaboration and mobile access.

We helped our customers build specialized communities for different verticals and help integrate the Salesforce product with a company’s systems of record in more complex integration scenarios.

Contact us for

    1. Creating communities, Customizing Community and Branding
    2. Setting Up Tabs and Pages
    3. Implementing Security and Visibility Schemes
    4. Training Users in the community


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Stratitude is a Global Software and Technology Services company, providing Salesforce platform development and integration services.

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