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Sales Cockpit

Stratitude Sales Cockpit

We received lot of requirements and questions around how to improve the efficiency of the Sales teams. Most of the organizations are in a stage where they have implemented world class Sales solution and implemented App Exchange products or customized SFDC to seamlessly support sales process. Now they want to know how to measure the sales team performance. Stratitude has a prebuilt solution “Stratitude Sales Cockpit” to address these type of questions and needs.

Stratitude has experience in implementing Opportunity pipeline review process which has helped organization to review the performance of the sales team and provide valuable feedback at right time helping the sales team achieve success.

Based on our successful implementations, we have built Process templates, Visual force pages and associated logic in to implement the Review process. These components help us to deliver a proven solution in short time thus providing greater benefits for our customers.

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Stratitude is a Global Software and Technology Services company, providing Salesforce platform development and integration services.

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