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SDFC Data Migration

Data Migration is Mandatory, High Costs are Optional

It is natural for a business’ infrastructure to go through various changes such as CRM upgrades, consolidation, relocation, and storage optimization. All these changes demand the transfer of data which is an inherently complicated, expensive, and risky proposition. Data migration requires professional expertise to ensure that the business does not undergo crippling disruptions due to the migration.

Why Stratitude?

We are committed to ensuring that your data migration project moves swiftly, incurs minimum maintenance overlap expenditure, and avoids or minimizes outages – planned or unplanned.

Considering the risks of data migration projects, it is critical to handle the process in a focused and efficient manner. This includes proper methodology, scope containment, use of the right tools, data quality focus, and an experienced implementation team. Stratitude can help you achieve these goals without breaking your budget.

What We Offer

Our data migration services are part of our Data Integration Services family. The solution includes:

      1. Legacy system modernization
      2. Enterprise application consolidation, implementation or upgrade for ERP, CRM and other SaaS Applications
      3. Master data management implementation

Best Practices & Data Conversion Tools

We use industry best practices and leverage state-of-the-art tools rendering the most efficient data migration solutions. We use a suite of tools and have corresponding methodologies at our disposal that are specially customized for use on your conversion projects. Our suite of data conversion services include:

      1. Initial Planning and Estimation
      2. Data Structure Analysis and documentation
      3. Data Cleansing for duplicates or unwanted data
      4. Data Conversion Programming
      5. Interface Analysis and Programming
      6. Data Warehouse and CRM Database Population

Stratitude’s 6 Step Salesforce Migration Process

Your Salesforce migration project can be as simple as importing email contacts, accounts and opportunities or it can be as complex as a large-scale import with integration between multiple systems. Following a set of steps, we ensure an accurate Salesforce data migration every time.

    1. Initial Analysis:

      We obtain a deep understanding of your company, business processes, systems, and how your data is stored within those systems. This helps us determine which data sets will be migrated to your Salesforce environment.

    2. Data Backup:

      Before any data is migrated into Salesforce or any changes are made, all your valuable data is backed up and secured.

    3. Data modifications:

      We will thoroughly analyze data, and make the necessary customizations to support the Salesforce data model. This will ensure that the migration is accurate.

    4. Data Cleansing:

      We ensure that the data is cleansed and de-duplicated prior to migration.

    5. Migration Process:

      We will determine the relationships between your CRM objects, and understand the data flow between them. Based on this we can devise a best fit process to migrate your data into Salesforce.

    6. Data Migration:

      We start the Salesforce migration with a small sample from your data. Once the data is tested and the accuracy verified, we will migrate your full data. We run reports and test the accuracy of your full data and data flow within your Salesforce environment.

About Us

Stratitude is a Global Software and Technology Services company, providing Salesforce platform development and integration services.

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