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Service On Demand

Maximize the value of your IT investments and minimize the cost of managing them without hiring a full time solutions partner

For Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) investments in SaaS are smaller as compared to larger enterprises. The maintenance and support costs for these can grow larger and burden the IT budgets. Hiring a full time partner or IT resource onsite comes at a cost and in some cases it may also be considerably higher than the initial investment itself.

Our On-demand Service model is specifically devised to address these challenges. Not always do high quality services come at a premium. With Service on-demand you can benefit from the same Quality of Service at a price well within your budgets.

Administration, configuration, customization, development services, data services and general consultation: Expert services not only a phone call or an email away but also at an affordable pricing in the form of prepaid packages. Below are the benefits of engaging us:

    1. On-demand access to expertise: Use our support team not only to manage and maintain the systems, but also to design and develop business solutions and applications – adding value to your already existing investments.
      Maximize the value of your investments: Don’t have to hire an implementation partner or a full time resource specifically for managing your SaaS environment. No need to hire, train and manage in-house support and development teams.
      Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership: Once notified, our team will always be on top of your system environment issues, proactively resolving them, while making the solutions easily available.
    2. Simple and Sound Process: Error free and streamlined process of resolving your issues right from the point you encounter them to the point the issue is addressed and the summary of work provided. We thus make it a delightful experience to avail our services for the smallest to the most major of your issues or queries.
    3. Higher adoption enterprise-wide: Realize higher adoption of SaaS solutions spanning across your organization. Our technical experts will provide solutions for a wide variety of issues of varying level of criticalities thus encouraging higher usage.

About Us

Stratitude is a Global Software and Technology Services company, providing Salesforce platform development and integration services.

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